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Monday, June 18, 2018

Tidbits for consumer education on using Answer Garden and a Scholastic Choices Feb 2018 article on teen money matters

I'm getting close to finishing an online professional development course on using digital technology for assessments. For last week's module we were to investigate 10 digital tools as a possibility to use one or two in a new assessment lesson plan. So with my husband being in the hospital during the module time, I'm trying to catch up now and decided to create a quick blog post to share my personal exploring of digital technology uses in Answer Garden for consumer education (financial literacy) content.

I've create 3 sample assessment questions about teens knowledge on money management practices using Answer Garden.

https://answergarden.ch/717045 for question one

https://answergarden.ch/717042 for question two

https://answergarden.ch/717040 for question three

Another connection for my potential lesson plan is to use this article:

Scholastic Choices for February 2018 has an article titled Teens Just Wanna Have Funds with a Lexile level of 1150L. I was able to access the teacher guide page but not to save or bookmark the actual article, however by visiting the site it should be able to be read.

My Answer Garden question three link up above is a paraphrase of the essential question from the teacher guide:
"Why is it important to start practicing good financial health while I'm still a teenager?"

The teacher guide has these parts to the resource page:
a. summary paragraph
b. essential question (already shared just above here)
c. objectives
d. Health Ed standard
e. Key vocabulary
f. close reading questions (3)
g. critical thinking questions (3)
h. classroom activities (2: making connections/NHES 3 and a watch and learn/NHES 5 & 6)

This resource guide page is T7.

That's what I've developed thus far. Hopefully as other FACS teachers read this, they will explore Answer Garden and see how they might be able to use this digital tool as a resource in their classes.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

personal home space being rebuilt post 2

Post 1 yesterday showed a house full of purple painted walls! Yes, purple! 

I have loved all things purple and pink for a very long time, but for many years it was isolated to clothes and fashion accessories. In my first apartment as a young single 22 year old, I started decorating my bedroom with purple. But by the time I reached my later 20s I had already switched to burgundy and hunter green followed by the trend of mauve and sage green combo.

Then about 13 years ago, I started using purple again for a spare bedroom.

1 1/2 years ago, our current home was purchased through a personal property and real estate auction and imagine what color of paint was in the LR-to-DR open area? Yes, a taupe-gray-lavender hue!!! I was so excited to be able to bring out all my extra stored items and start filling this place with all things purple. So 2 bedrooms got a light pink-lavender paint. A new bedroom made out of the enclosed front porch got a vibrant purple. And I started using purples in other rooms too.

Then the fire happened last August while I was in the hospital and unfortunately we've been displaced since then and have had to work with insurance company and their hired crews to go through the process of valuation and restoration.

The crews are getting closer and closer every day now and it is getting exciting. Finally! I've been sort of numb for so many months now. I still can't dwell on many sentimental gifts that have been lost or the treasured antiques that we've discovered in our travels and now lost. Since almost all was lost in our kitchen and being displaced to a rental house property, we needed to have some minimal kitchen wares in order survive. We also were in a financial flux to be good stewards of the monies advanced and another issue of not wanting to buy too much during this time because it means moving things at least twice.

So in the rest of the post I will show you some home décor purchases and kitchen buys or gifts.

1. From Metamora Mennonite Women's sewing guild, this beautiful quilt coverlet=

My aunt is a part of this busy and generous group and knew I would love to have a quilt in purple! Thanks, Auntie!

2. From a Dollar Tree shopping trip yesterday in Peru, IL, I bought these home décor items and organizers=

"Enjoy the little things" has some grays. And the "love is all we need" has some blue which will be another accent color I'm planning to use. Black, white, silver/chrome/stainless steel, and gray will be the neutrals and metallics that I will also focus on including throughout our rebuilt home.

3. Kitchen ware gifts from my sister's family=

The Turkish cotton kitchen towel set has a sage green, gray, white, and lavender. The drying mat is a creamy ivory. The little cutting board is white and so are the darling Mason jar salt and pepper shakers! There is a small clear glass storage containers with a hinged snap on lid. And then a set of terrific silicone spatulas!!!! Thanks, sis!

Thank you Lord for all our many blessings both large and small! 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

personal home space being rebuilt post 1

Basic facts: House fire August 13, 2017

*reported by neighbor at approx. 5:10-5:15 pm

*insurance adjustor estimated $71,000+ for structural and labor costs for rebuilt

*and $19-20K in personal total loss or severely damaged items

*fire marshal and arson investigator determine cause was nightlight bulb in the laundry room (not the holder or the outlet or the wiring)

About mid-December, construction crews begin working earnestly on interior with exterior completed before weather and temperature conditions worsen.

These interior photos were taken today, January 9, 2018 and show great promise that soon all will be finished for us to bring back items that survived and those few items we've purchased:

foyer's new light fixture and freshly painted ceiling and wall across from front door

BR 1: doors stored temporarily for bedroom and closet; baseboards, walls, & ceiling were given fresh paint with new ceiling fan

BR 2: closet is the 'near' wall on right side and has small area to the left of the closet and there some small space to the left side of doorway that I didn't photograph

LR looking toward the DR/office space on right; on other side of wall seen on left is a 1/2 bath, a 3rd small BR that they are still working in  and the main full bath; the kitchen doorway is shown at back

Main Bath: the wall had to be cut between bath and BR 3 in order to get the ordered shower stall to go in and now they are fixing the wall on the BR 3 side. Plumbers are still working on this.

Kitchen: This room is next to the laundry room where the fire started so there were lots of projects in here. Originally the water heater was in the here (to the right a foot or so from what's shown). With some agreements and additional costs paid by us, the water heater got moved into the basement. The plumbing for the sink is barely showing there on the left. The window used to be twice that size but the old window on the left was not replaced per my request because the previous owner made decision with her kitchen cabinetry on that sink wall to come out into the window space. To me it was a reflection of poor planning or use of space to have done that. Since that wall had to be rebuilt, sealed, insulated, etc. it didn't cost us anything extra. Appliances just got ordered on Friday, January 6. For the kitchen we will have a stainless steel refrigerator, sink, microwave, and stove/range.

Laundry room/mud room: I was standing in the doorway on the kitchen side and am looking towards the right in the space and out the west wall windows.

Laundry room/mud room: Still standing in the kitchen doorway shared with this space, I've shifted to look more towards the south wall to show new overhead light fixture, new back door to the enclosed porch, new wall paint, new ceiling paint, etc. The outlet below the window is where the nightlight was plugged into that it's bulb exploded causing the fire. So this room and the not shown "closet" on the left or east wall of this room that has the basement entrance's floor 'door' have been totally rebuilt from roof down to the sub-floor.

And this completes the tour for the majority of this little 900+/- sq. ft. home at this time.

Color palette has some shade or tone of purple in every room as you move through different zones or from east to the west and southwest corner. Lots of white will be used everywhere in the window, door, and baseboard trims as well as the boiler baseboard heat vents and most standard overhead lights. Brushed nickel, chrome, and stainless steel will also be found throughout to in plumbing and lighting fixtures. Vinyl flooring will be a imitation slate look. The LR and DR/office area will have a low level loop carpet that has a mixture of grays, black, tan, and brown colors. I did that to add some visual interest plus a visual 'grounding' to help prevent the house interior looking too feminine. The carpet is to put down on Wednesday January 10.

I will post again soon as excitement builds as we draw closer to moving back in. (squeal)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Morsel of an Idea: Interactive Notebook Culinary Math page and a Sewing Math page

Math in Culinary classes--reviewing tablespoons in a cup and Math in Sewing classes--reviewing inches in a yard

This week I've spent a lot of time looking at elementary teacher blogs to see what great ideas I can "steal" and tweak for FACS classes. And at least 2 kindergarten teachers have introduced notebooks during their math/calendar group time in order to keep the kinders engaged. Both have sheets inserted into page protectors so that students can use dry erase or Vis-à-vis markers on them. Children can have practice pages with sample copies of what gets introduced or reviewed on the bulletin board. If not familiar with "calendar" boards math times, it is a whole group instruction time to only take 10 minutes or so to cover day of the week, yesterday was, today is, tomorrow will be, today's weather, today's season, the number of the day expressed in ones or tens, the number of the school day expressed in ones or tens or hundreds, and any additional concepts and/or skills the teacher wants to include.

Since I've had high school students struggle with simple mathematics necessary for cooking and sewing, I thought maybe creating some culinary math and sewing math calendar notebook pages would help. Students can have a section in their binder for the "calendar" work.

Culinary and Math Cup and Tablespoons measurements

1 cup =
___ ___ tablespoons
½ cup =
___ ___ tablespoons
¼ cup =
___ ___ tablespoons
¾ cup =
___ ___ tablespoons
3 teaspoons =
___ tablespoon
1 cup =
3 x 16 = ___ ___ teaspoons

Measuring Spoons | I got mine for my wedding years ago, and … | Flickr  Measure Cups Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures created by Becca Sadler 2017 https://beccasheartland3.blogspot.com


and for sewing:

Sewing and Math Yard Fractions

4/4 = 1 yard =
_______ inches
½ or 2/4 yard =  
_______ inches
¾ yard ( ¼ + ¼ + ¼)=
_______ inches
¼ yard =
_______ inches
3/3 = 1 yard =
_______ inches
⅓ yard =
_______ inches
⅔ yard  (⅓ + ⅓ )=
_______ inches

Measuring Tape Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures        Image from page 14 of "The new dressmaker; with complete a… | Flickr     created by Becca Sadler 2017; https://beccasheartland3.blogspot.com


Saturday, June 24, 2017

1800s fashions

photos taken at Buffalo Bill Museum in LeClaire, Iowa


Students will be able to describe, apply, and analyze differences in clothing and fashion accessories of the 2000s to the 1800s.

What did great-great grandma wear? What choices were available? Was there a wide range in fabrics, trimmings, buttons, etc.?

dresses with 2 christening gowns framed up above
fur coats
on the left above: hats, hair clips, handbags; on bottom right above: glove, watches, jewelry; and then upper right case above: "shirtwaists"/blouses
above is close-up of some of the beaded handbags/"reticules" that adult women would have carried to the theater, a ballroom, or other cultural high society functions. These would not have been used for every day use to go to the general store or even most churches. They would be too ostentatious for more practical daily use.
These items are on displayed in the fashion section in the north end of the Buffalo Bill Museum. LeClaire, Iowa is about 1 mile north of I-80 at the Mississippi River bridge. LeClaire is part of the Quad Cities metro area that lies on both side of Mississippi River with Rock Island and Moline for Illinois and Davenport and Bettendorf for Iowa.

1800s home making advances and technology

photos taken @ Buffalo Bill Museum in LeClaire, Iowa


Students will be able to describe, apply and analyze differences between home-making in 2000s versus 1800s.

What did laundry care machinery look like in the 1800s? Was it even available? Soaps? Detergents? Irons? Ironing boards? Washers? Dryers?

wringers, washboards, tumblers
What did typical furniture and accessories look like in the mid-1800s?
Buffalo Bill Museum's focus is on William Cody's famous frontiersman showmanship career but also the life and times in Iowa and along the Mississippi River within the Quad Cities area. The museum staff also have displays on Native American culture including arrowheads, cradleboards, tribal leaders, and so on. It is well worth the admittance fee to visit. The museum is located in downtown LeClaire and sits parallel to the Mississippi River. Located within the south section is an actual steamer, Lone Star, that operated for many years on the Mississippi River system. Tucked in a corner is a 1939 Craft Cruiser on display. So many artifacts to examine from the 1800s and 1900s within this 1 museum!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

New classroom space getting started Summer 2016 post 2

Last night's blog, I started the photos from the main door around the transition space and into the classroom space.

The first space I refer to it as the transition space. It connects the kitchen lab area and the classroom designated area. Within the transition space is a tall bookshelf with textbooks, classroom telephone, tri-fold mirror, the only bulletin board, a wall of lower cabinets (half with extra kitchen wares and half with child development/parenting supplies), and a storage closet (filled from top to bottom).

Remember it is 3 rooms in one. Today's post will show more of the classroom space and most of the kitchen space before I got to moving around or adding any decorative touches. (Decorative theme for the environment will be camping/outdoors/nature.)

You've stepped just inside the archway about half-way along wall looking towards the right.

You've walked down the right wall by the file cabinets and are looking across.

You've walked out of the classroom area and into the transition space by the other opening next to the lower cabinets row and are now looking straight across to kitchen 1 and 2.

You've stayed in same spot and have turned to the right seeing kitchen 3 in the back corner, the tops of the dryer and washer, and then glimpses of piles for kitchens 4 & 5.

You've stayed in about the same spot but have now turned to the left seeing the 2nd door (used mostly as an emergency exit) and the refrigerators (one for FACS use and the other for SP ED functional living skills use). To the left of the door (back side of the storage closet), there are 2 large wooden cabinets (filled with the old plastic student sewing trays and used for sewing notions, child development craft supplies, and misc. office supplies) that are waiting to be moved into the classroom space at the far end.

Will update again in about 1 week to show progress of the spaces!