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Friday, July 27, 2012

Accents: home or school decor

Using a set of 3 prints in 3 different ways

Prints ideal for a farm theme or early childhood classroom or children's nursery:

I had a creative brainstorm when I saw this set of 3 prints on a clearance sale table. I thought they would be perfect to merge my thrills (and therapy) of papercrafting and interior decorating into showcasing items to have on display in my high school home ec rooms. The purpose will be to let students see that home decor art doesn't need to be expensive--just expressive and creative.

The set of notecards (I still have a several for each image) have been used 3 ways: (1) framed in black photo frames, (2) framed in clear plastic frames with magnets, and (3) showcased in a scrapbook-way on matching sheets of foam.

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