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Monday, May 23, 2016

Using a honor society publication as a classroom resource

From Summer 2016 issue of Phi Kappa Phi Forum

Info graphic example:

As a member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi [inducted June 2001 at University of Missouri-St. Louis], I received the newest issue of the society's magazine today. As soon as I saw the column space of different sports media data related to the 1984 Olympics, I knew that this would make a terrific visual resource for students.

I don't limit myself to only using printed materials within the home economics domain; sadly that would be very limiting.

I've fallen in love with info graphics! They appeal to the brainy academic research side of my brain and also to the other creative flexible expressive half.

Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences theory is one that I totally believe and try to remember in my classroom practices. Students, like myself, have different strengths and weaknesses; however we can all be more successful if assignments and learning combine analytical with artistic, structure with fluidity; and written with visual. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Morsels--New kitchen unit memo boards

Color coordinating

Kitchen laboratory zones work well to be organized by color. When students get assigned to a particular unit area, they are taught to keep their items in their assigned space. 

However that will vary for the Foods II/Culinary Arts students when I allow more creativity for table setting to mix and match. The stipulation is that when clean-up is completed, everything gets returned to its proper home.

Here are the new small cork boards created for Fall 2016:

The boards were purchased at a local Dollar Tree along with 2 sets of watercolor paints and some extra brushes for $8 plus tax. I already had a black permanent marker to draw large number profiles in the center of each board. While the paint was drying I thought I'd might need to do a 2nd coat, but overnight drying worked great and I'm super psyched about these being not only eye-catching but setting the tone for the food lab units' organization.

Monday, May 16, 2016

FACS Classroom Environment enhanced with camping theme posters

New Camping Theme to be used in FACS classroom for Fall 2016

Let the Adventures Begin in FACS, Explore--Be Ready for College and Career, Be Happy Campers, Be Brave--try new things, Have Courage, Dear!, Have Glowing Behavior Today?, Give a Hoot for: respect, friendliness, support, encouragement, teamwork, and individuality

I'm thrilled with how these turned out and will be more so once I've trimmed and mounted to scrap booking papers that will add to the colors and camping theme. I want the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom to have a very inviting "I want to be in this room" atmosphere.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Proverbs--poster reminder with formula for relationships

Recipe for Relationships

A home economics (Family and Consumer Sciences) classroom just needs to use the word recipe instead of formula, right?!?! Well, a formula for relationships is found on this poster:

Whether discussing friendships, acquaintanceships, dating, or family interactions, we all can use a reminder to include patience, kindness, laughter, and love as we exchange dialogue with those around us.

Embellishments--New sign for new classroom using camping theme

STEM in the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom

Creativity in projects whether for sewing, crafting, or other topics involves problem solving and some times engineering (folding, fabricating, designing, etc)

Bee Hive
creative engineering/crafting area

The page will be cut in half and mounted on scrapbooking paper rectangles before displaying in the classroom. The business of busy-ness of students is what I want and for purposely labeling and providing a set area of the room for crafting (creative engineering). 

Attachments--new pillow examples for Intro to FACS classes

Sewing projects 1, 2, & 3: small accent pillows building up basic machine sewing skills

Straight stitching, back stitching, reinforcing, and pivoting are the basic machine sewing skills learned with the 3 pillows photographed below:

Top photo is #3: students have to use scraps from their 2 coordinating fabrics and create a pillow that shows more complexity than pillow #2. They must also hand sew on 2 buttons minimum. I've added ribbon and rick-rack that I've tacked-stitched on to be part of my complexity. The back side which I'm not showing has a 4-square quilt block like #2 but I've added some batting and free-form machine stitched a large S into the center of that quilt block before I sewed the 2 sides together.

Middle photo is #2's quilt block. The other side is seen in the bottom photo on the left side (bandanna print).

Bottom photo on the right is #1. The gray, white, and black print fabric is used on both sides.

These are approximately 9" x 9". Working in rural poverty Midwest school district, I needed to keep costs down, so I require the smaller size pillows needing just 1/4 yard each of 2 coordinating fabrics.

Students feel so very accomplished after completing all 3 pillows!