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attachments: vintage, retro looks

After seeing the 2 sisters featured in Readymade magazine, I did some web surfing to see what they had online. I was disappointed that their home page for the website was old but pleasantly surprised that their blogs and the blogs of the other 2 gals that work with them were new.


If you see the cotton fabrics commercial starring Zoey Deschanel, then you have an idea how fashionably cool these sisters are dressing. The sisters have split their creative forces for the store in Springfield, MO--one sister is in charge of the vintage re-sale fashions and home goods as well as starting a vintage-inspired fashion line and the other sister is in charge of cupcakes and bubble tea.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attachments: simple trick to share with students for buttons and thread

When kids are first learning how to do sewing and crafts like sewing on a button, give them this tip:

Don't have the thread doubled (through the needle and down) more than the distance of your fingers to your elbow. What tends to happen, is that the beginners have no concept of how much thread is needed (4-6x criss-crossed secures very well) and get a super long length that gets all tangled and knotted. From their fingers to their elbow will give them plenty of thread to stitch-on a button without getting frustrated.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Proverbs: understanding your first born children or students

Dr. Kevin Leman is the bestselling author of The Birth Order Book and The First Born Advantage.

In the introduction of the book on children born first (also includes a child who is an only child and those who are first of their gender or can have a younger child of same gender but there is a five or more year gap) sites examples of all the astronauts with the Mercury Seven were firstborns. Our US presidents have a majority of firstborns, too.

Characteristics of firstborns include: conscientious, conservative, responsible, goal-oriented, and organized. Your ordinal position within your family not only shapes your place in the family but also how your whole lifespan will be shaped.

p.26 "It's a misconception to think that children who grow up in the same family grow up in the same environment. They don't at all. The parents are the same, the house is the same, and the neighborhood and schools may be the same, but the relationships within the family are entirely different."

From me: If you are wondering how your child is different or why a student might be in conflict with you, stop and check to see if their birth order is the same or different than yours. That might be the 'source' of the conflict. Teachers might want to have students separated into groups by making sure that there is at least one first-born in the mix or else not much will get accomplished with the task you want them to complete.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life preserver topic: Self-sufficiency with items that require keys

It's been years since I led workshops on money management, time management, decision-making, etc through the University Extension office in St. Charles County, Missouri using a curriculum called, "Survival Skills for Women". I have taught on related topics in FACS classes of Human Relations and Orientation to Life Skills (like a Survey to FACS)as well. It amazes me how attached and dependent we get with our key chains.

One of the best preventative time savers that SSW shared and one that my husband shares with his sisters and nieces is to get a "magnet key safe" to put in a 'hidden'/exterior spot on your vehicle. Most of the time these can be placed behind your license plate. The key safe is a thick plastic box usually with a slide-out type lid and a heavy duty magnet on the opposite side. So if you're late to class or work because of locking car &/or house keys in your car &/or house, go out and buy a couple of these key safes immediately.

Another good idea for apartment/house keys is to make spares for a good neighbor, a relative that lives nearby, or stored in an unusual place on your property. Don't put it in your mailbox or under the doormat because those are too obvious. Think about putting a door key in a sealed snack-size plastic bag and burying it in the dirt of a flower box or taped to the underside of a stair tread. But remember this is also about your security and privacy. Be careful. You need to be able to recall where you hid the key if and when you're hunting for it. And make sure the location of the key is only known to one or two other trusted people.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Morsels topic: Foods I lab experiences from LCHS' Evans

Lincoln Community High School in Lincoln, IL
Family and Consumer Sciences teacher=Mrs. L. Evans
from her webpage: here are 14 of her Foods I kitchen lab food preparations: Spanish bread, homemade spaghetti sauce, Rice Krispies Treats, quesadillas, macaroni & cheese with beef patty, pancakes, cinnamon muffins, biscuits, homemade applesauce, chili, caramel popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, cakes, and smoothies.

Life Preserver topic: Job Seeking Identity

A recent article in AARP's magazine (page 61) gives 5 essentials from Catherine Kaputa and William Arruda. Using parts of the body to help you associate these identity skills into your job hunting and interviewing approach you need to have: #1=head knowledge (be thinking, looking, and acting positive); #2=lip-speak (no gutter talk and be ready with a 1 minute sales pitch to sell yourself); #3=heart and soul (what you know and others say (about you) that motivates/drives you); #4=wrap/gird/tuck-pocket (keep business/calling cards on you); and #5= outward appearances (dress up-to-date without looking outlandish, trashy, wimpy, frumpy, slutty, geeky, etc).