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Saturday, July 16, 2016

New classroom space and just getting started Summer 2016 post 1

FACS classroom has 3 spaces or 3 rooms in one

Lots of space to manage

Lots of wall space to decorate

Some chaos to get sorted and organized and possibly inventoried before school starts

So let's have a look--
You've just stepped inside 1 of 2 doors (main use).

You've shifted focus straight across from main doorway.

You've stepped across to the opening to the classroom space to look back to the main door.

You've walked down to the south end of the classroom space and are looking down the room.

That's part one. More will be posted soon of other corners and spaces not seen yet. These were taken in late June 2016. Please note: maintenance has painted all walls white and have already waxed floors!!! The classroom space walls were an antique ivory white and had at least 6 different stencil patterns that had been painted around the room. I felt it was imperative to start with a clean slate--a clean fresh look for the FACS room. If there are any students who had been in the room before, I want them to notice and feel a difference from before.

Also my husband helped move all the desks and chairs into a box shape (not quite the u-shape I wanted). I'll wait and see what my highest enrollment is and might be able to rearrange just before school starts. And for safety sake and traffic flow, there are at least 5 open spots around the seating and teacher desk area (not shown until next post).

Stay tuned for more of the early stage photos of a classroom transformation.

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